Slider & Progressbars
Exclusive responsive dashboard

Progress Bars Default

Provide up-to-date feedback on the progress of a workflow or action with simple yet flexible progress bars.

Progress Bars Small

Add .progress-small to use small progress bars.

Custom Progress Bar Default

This is custom progress bar, like on

Custom Progress Bar States

Use state to change state color of progress bar.

Custom Progress Bar Extras

Also you can use actions for one progress bar, such as show,update,destroy

Custom Progress Bar Position

Use action position with value bottom to use place progress bar in bottom.

Slider Default

The basic slider is horizontal and has a single handle.

Slider Range

Set the range option to true to capture a range of values with two drag handles.

Range value:

Slider Increment

Increment slider values with the step option set to an integer, commonly a dividend of the slider's maximum value.

100 increment:

Slider Vertical

Set the orientation option to vertical to get vertical slider.

Volume: ; Range: